Mydating24 com updating one table from another sql server

I recently buy a new pc and I try to install wot with playonlinux , but there are a problem to play, my specss are ?

My distribution is Lubuntu 14.04 I install wot with the installer of Playonlinux and I have this errors?

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The process is outlined here: Pombal/d8ff985c5ca95f9c5958f539e77c0fed I would like to improve the current install script for WOT, but I need to know some things first: 1 - In step 6 ii) of my process I install a lot of things whereas in the current script only 3 Wine components are installed.

This client in wine doesn't handle COM interfaces very well.

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@kykogt3 If I had to guess, in the last client the torrent updating was shitting up the client and crashing it when it became saturated with too many seeds.

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